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Caspian Bellingham Jul 30 0

The Network Wars - Trump vs The Media

Being a complex character, Donald Trump has had a significant, let's say, interesting relationship with the media. His exchanges with reporters, anchors, and networks were often laced with his trademark bravado, sharp retorts, and even claims of 'fake news'. Amid all this, the question that always intrigued me is - what news network does Trump hate the most.

The answer isn't straightforward, and digging into Trump's tumultuous relationship with various media networks can feel like a journey through a tangled web of tweets, interviews, and impressions. However, amidst all this chaos, there was one network that consistently bore the brunt of his ire - CNN.

A Cold War: Trump vs CNN

The feud between Trump and CNN wasn’t your garden-variety squabble. From the outset of his Presidential campaign in 2015, Trump found himself regularly locking horns with the network. He often branded CNN as “fake news”, a tag he reserved for news outlets he believed were biased against him.

Throughout his Presidency, Trump’s aversion for CNN grew progressively apparent. Back in 2017, Trump tweeted a faux wrestling video of himself, taking down a figure who had the CNN logo superimposed on its face. It was whimsical, maybe even funny to some, but it was also a shift of gears in his attack on the media.

The Trump-CNN Saga: A Deeper Dive

One might wonder what exactly triggered this deep-seated animosity. If we trace back to the days of his campaigning, Trump's frustration was fuelled largely by the perception that CNN, among other outlets, deliberately amplified his shortcomings while downplaying his achievements. He accused these outlets of bias, asserting they were wedded to a liberal agenda and intent on undermining his Presidency.

Every critique, every fact-checking of his statements, were viewed as an attack. And fired back he did, often with scathing tweets, as he chose the social media battleground to hit back.

A Roller Coaster Ride of Ratings

While publicly deriding CNN, Trump’s feud inadvertently drew a ton of attention to the network. It’s almost ironic how the network he often accused of misrepresenting him witnessed a surge in ratings during his tenure.

CNN's ratings during his administration, particularly in the early days, often trumped (pun intended!) that of its rivals largely due to its comprehensive coverage of Trump’s policies, comments, and tweetstorms. One thing's for sure, The Donald knew how to make headlines, and CNN profited from this.

The CNN Riposte: Unfazed Under Fire

It’s worth mentioning how CNN responded to Trump's incessant finger-pointing. On numerous occasions, they hit back asserting that their journalism was based on facts, not favoritism. They remained steadfast, drawing a line between neutrality and accuracy, promising to continue speaking truth to power without fear or favor.

CNN's stance seemed to resonate with viewers, as reflected in their steadily rising viewership over the years. My wife, Eileen even remarked, "There's some tension-filled drama to their coverage now, isn't it Caspian?" Fair to say, she's not wrong!

The Legacy of the Trump-CNN Drama

Regardless of where you stand on the Trump-CNN animus, it's hard to deny that this feud amplified the discourse about the role of the media in a democracy. Critics argue that his attacks on CNN and other networks amounted to direct threats to press freedom. Supporters, on the other hand, see it as justifiable pushback against a media echo chamber they perceive as biased.

So, when asked which network Trump hates the most, CNN firmly checks that box. Yet, it's a love-hate relationship, I reckon. Trump's constant targeting of CNN also contributed significantly to its viewership and relevance. It's just one of those curious ironies of life. Kind of like my inexplicable cravings for Vegemite despite its peculiar taste (yes, Eileen, I said it), but that, dear readers, is a tale for another day.

The World Beyond Trump and CNN

As the world has moved beyond the Trump era, it is interesting to observe how networks like CNN are adjusting their coverage. Without Trump's Twitter assaults and without him in the White House driving the narrative, will the Trump-CNN saga continue to echo in the annals of media history?

We are, after all, living in a post-Trump era now. It may go without saying, but the intersections between politics and journalism remain fascinating, complex, and worthy of constant evaluation. As they say, the show must go on!

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