How much does the car insurance cost 2019

Car insurance is one of the most popular types of liability insurance in Poland. It covers various hazards related to road transport – damage in an accident, theft, destruction as a result of arson, etc. According to the applicable regulations, all drivers in Poland are obliged to insure the car. If the driver does not have one, a report on administrative violation is made and penalties are applied.

Basic information about car insurance in Poland in 2019

car insurance

Car insurance is quite a difficult topic even for drivers with experience. To understand all its nuances, it is necessary to understand a lot of rules, remember special conditions, learn about the rules of various insurance companies and opinions about them. As a rule, even a lot of effort and time devoted to understanding all insurance details is not enough, because the variety of types of insurance policies, their rates and conditions cause problems with choosing the best option.

Therefore, before signing a car insurance contract, you should consult specialists. An experienced specialist will tell you what type of insurance is right for you, recommending a tariff at the most favorable price.

The obligation to insure a car exists in practically all countries of the world, and it is strictly adhered to in the EU. The infographic below shows average car insurance rates in European countries. The cost of the policy for a particular car owner is determined based on his driving experience and accident rate, vehicle category, etc. For example, in Germany, golf car insurance will cost the owner 1000-1200 euros, subject to three years of driving experience and no accidents and traffic offenses.

The law explicitly interprets that every car registered in Poland must have compulsory insurance. 30 days have been allocated for the policy and the first discrepancies appear: in some regions this is referred to as allowing a month of driving without third party insurance, but in others the police are sure that receiving a policy is a matter of time but the driver has no right to sit steering wheel when his car has not yet been insured. Therefore, it is recommended to receive an insurance policy immediately after buying a car. Penalty in Poland for driving without an insurance policy is determined depending on the type of vehicle and looks as follows:

Break in insurance continuity



Other means of transport (moped, motorcycle, etc.)

Over 14 days (100%)

4500 PLN

6750 PLN

750 PLN

4-14 days (50%)

PLN 2250

PLN 3380

380 PLN

Up to 3 days (20%)

PLN 900

1350 PLN

150 PLN

Depending on the region, additional penalties may be imposed or the acceptable dates may be changed.

Unfortunately, the price of compulsory Civil Liability Insurance is constantly growing (only in 2017 the average increase was 45%, and the maximum in some regions reached 80%), but there are discounts and privileges for many years of experience, trouble-free driving, etc.

What determines the cost of insurance

What determines the cost of insurance

The cost of car insurance depends on several basic criteria. These are:

  1. The power of the car. If you buy a car in which the engine’s power is up to 50 horsepower, then the factor to calculate the insurance cost will be maximally low. With the increase in engine power, the cost of insurance will also increase. The most will pay for the driver’s insurance policy, having cars with an engine power of 150 or more horsepower;
  2. Number of damage done during previous years. Information on this subject is obtained from UFG. Events from the last 5-6 years are taken into account;
  3. The age of the car owner. The most expensive insurance is paid to drivers under 22 years of age, and the most favorable conditions are offered to people aged 30-50.
  4. The place where the car was registered. Because the risk of a collision in big cities is higher, the cost of insurance in them is also higher.
  5. Number of drivers. If you allow an unlimited number of people to drive your vehicle, a special note will appear in the policy. It will also mean a greater cost of the insurance policy.

The car owner can not influence the age of the “iron horse”, its technical parameters or the regional OC coefficients. But there is one parameter that many people forget – it’s experience in running! The bigger it is, the lower the costs of car insurance.

You can say with certainty that the premium of OC 2019 depends primarily on the engine capacity of your car. The following chart proves this.

Favorable advice

If you are a young driver, give your car the advantage with a smaller engine, and the insurance amount will be up to PLN 800 more.

In 2019, car owners at the time of registration in Poland will have to pay the following amounts for compulsory insurance:

  1. the most expensive citizens of the automotive industry will be residents of Wrocław – from PLN 1439 per year
  2. for residents of Szczecin – PLN 1385 / year
  3. Warsaw – PLN 1312 / year
  4. The cheapest insurance is obtained from residents of Kielce (PLN 1000) and Opole – PLN 957.

The difference in the prices of insurance policies depending on the city results from the fact that the probability of an accident in a large city is much higher than in a small town in the province. In addition to the city, at the expense of the policy is also significantly affected by the presence (absence) of insurance history in Poland, as well as the existence of insurance claims (participation in an accident).

If you see that the amount set by the insurance company is too burdensome for your budget, and the very attractive terms, it is worth considering a loan already on the Internet in our company. By cooperating with Szybka Gotówka you can easily and quickly get cash into your account, and if you return it on time, you will not pay any interest.

Insurance rates: how to choose the most convenient option

Insurance rates: how to choose the most convenient option

What are the basic criteria for choosing the right insurance tariff? We exchange the most important of them:

  • Vehicle type. In the case of cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and others, it is advisable to choose different policies;
  • Technical characteristics of the car. Among other things, the volume of the engine affects the price;
  • List of risks covered by insurance. The more they are, the higher the cost of insurance.

Of course, insuring a car is very important to choose a reliable and responsible insurance company. It must have an impeccable reputation and extensive experience to provide the customer with high quality services.

Insurance costs in 2019

Insurance costs in 2019

Insurance companies in Poland do not have regional offices as such – the sale of policies is carried out by agent companies. There are many points of sale of third party liability insurance: they are highly concentrated at points where motor vehicles are registered, as well as in shopping center halls.

Favorable tip:

Some companies artificially inflate the cost of insurance or provide additional paid services. So if you want to save on car insurance, it is worth analyzing all the details and calculating the approximate cost of insurance using an online calculator.

The cost of insurance can be calculated on your own using online calculators. Most often such calculators contain the following fields:

  • Vehicle type – passenger car, lorry, car with motorcycle trailer, scooter etc .;
  • Information on the number of drivers who have the right to drive a specific vehicle;
  • Information about the driver’s age;
  • Information on the driver’s driving experience;
  • Car engine power;
  • The duration of the policy (if you use the policy for a longer period, you can buy it at a better price);
  • Information about previous insurance (if it was purchased).

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We decided to explain how much the car insurance 2019 costs if its owner is a 40-year-old driver from Krakow who never had road accidents and has a Ford Focus car, produced in 2010.

Insurance of an old car: how much it costs

OC prices are directly related to the age of the car. The older he is, the more insurance will cost. This is logical: the risk of spoiling the details of old vehicles is greater than new, and many problems on the road can lead to serious events. Insurance companies, as it is known, are not interested in significant expenses, which is why they traditionally set excessive OC prices for older cars. In addition, we will pay more for a larger engine volume in cars of old models. However, if you are the owner of an old vehicle for a long time, you can also count on a discount for this reason.

How much does car insurance cost abroad?

Many Polish drivers believe that rates in the country are too high. Compare them with the insurance price in other European countries.

The most for OC costs the citizens of Norway and Great Britain, while in Poland prices are much lower than in Western Europe and one of the most affordable in Eastern Europe.

How to pay less for insurance?

When buying a car from an owner who is a Polish citizen, it is worth remembering that such a car already has an insurance policy issued for the previous owner. There are also cases when the driver can not immediately pay the cost of the insurance policy and decides to pay insurance in installments. Insurance companies offer this service. The annual fee can be divided into 2, 3, 4 or even 6 parts, but it should be remembered that the more payments, the higher the total amount will be.